Strategic Planning Division (BPS)


The division was renamed from Planning & Corporate Affairs Division to Strategic Planning Division. The main function of this division involves policy coordination, management of development budget, preparation of short and long-term planning, coordinate and apply for annual development allocation, monitoring the implementation of MPIB projects and activities as well as socio-economic and development study activities.

The Strategic Planning Division also acts as coordinator and liason for programmes/ activities between MPIB with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro Based Industry.


To become an excellent division responsible in planning, controlling and coordinating the policies and development of the national pineapple industry.


To become a leader in the planning, research, implementation and monitoring of policies under the fruit sector (pineapple).

Functions of the Strategic Planning Division

Several specific objectives were formulated thus translating the content of the division's mission through the following objectives :

1.To carry out research and policy-making as well as development strategy of the pineapple industry so it is always consistent and relevant with current changes and ensure the pineapple industry remains competitive;
2.To formulate, coordinate and improve policies related to the national pineapple industry;
3.Responsible for formulating policies, strategies, long and short-term development plans in the national pineapple industry;
4.To coordinate and carry out monitoring tasks and evaluate the effectiveness of the project implementation and development activities of MPIB;
5.To coordinate and prepare the application proposal for the annual development budget
6.To prepare, coordinate and monitor the agency's Key Performance Indicator (KPI);
7.Responsible in preparing paperwork/ answers to questions on matters related to the Parliament, State Legislative Assemblies (DUN), the Cabinet;
8.To build the identity and corporate image of MPIB through information on policies and activities of MPIB and the changes that occur to the public from time to time;
9.To conduct socio-economic impact studies on the development programmes carried out by MPIB;
10.To provide comprehensive consultation to both public and private sectors to ensure viability of the project ;
11.To determine, gather, prepare, coordinate, formulate and manage the industrial information and data;
12.To update information and maintain database related to the pineapple industry; and
13.To publish the industrial information that is current and complete through periodic publications.
Objective of the Strategic Planning Division
1.To ensure the implementation of government policies are effectively implemented in accordance with the objectives of the agency and requirements of the government
2.To ensure the effectiveness of implementing the agency development programme.
3.To optimise the benefits of international relations and cooperation in the national pineapple industry development programme.
Organisation Chart

Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board
Wisma Nanas, No. 5, Jalan Padi Mahsuri
Bandar Baru UDA,
81200 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia

Hotline : 07-236 1211 / 07-236 1012
Fax No : 07-236 5694 / 07-236 5451

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