Pineapple Technology Development Division (BPTN)


The Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board, through the establishment of Bahagian Pembangunan Teknologi Nanas (BPTN) has the purpose of providing support to the development of pineapple industry in locations which have already been identified. The said support can be defined as a centre for pineapple seed breeding and production (pineapple tendril). In addition to that, the Bahagian Pembangunan Teknologi Nanas (BPTN) is a reference centre for the pineapple farming technology and verification to new technologies in pineapple cultivation through the joint-venture attempt with researchers in aspects of agronomy and increase of product from pineapple waste materials.

The Pineapple Farming Technology Development Centre is divided into 4 sub projects based on respective locations; Bahagian Pembangunan Teknologi Nanas (BPTN) in Alor Bukit, Pekan Nanas Johor which is the main centre of BPTN, followed by the Bahagian Pembangunan Teknologi Nanas (BPTN) in Sg.Tong , Setiu Terengganu. The management and implementation of each BPTN covers Technology Developments, Development/Maintenance and Construction of Office Building and Quarters.


Providing contribution and support to pineapple development industry especially seedling activities, as technology reference and testing section / demonstration regarding input agriculture material purpose and pineapple verification.


Emerge as a major reference centre for global Pineapple Industry Development Model which has a perfect industry network for plantation technology, after-harvest, upstream and downstream processing industry, up to the agriculture tourism industry.

1.As a reference centre or Transfer Of Technology (TOT) to investors, pineapple farming entrepreneurs, Government agencies, tourists and IPTA/IPTS students in aspects of pineapple technology technical and technology especially on peat soil.
2.To fulfill the requirements and demands of pineapple seeds for supply throughout Malaysia. Current pineapple seeds being supplied are N36 , Josapine and seeds which have the potential for domestic and foreign markets.
3.As a plot location for observation of pineapple plantation or demonstration/trial plot based on the smart-partnership concept with researchers related to the study of cultivation technology, cultivation model, improvement of seed, usage of new agriculture input, and etc.
4.Establishing a collection centre for various variety of pineapples (plasma-generated plot) and plot for pineapple seed verification from the local region and international region.
5.As a pineapple-based Agro-Tourism Centre which possess an interesting tourism belt of commercial value. Agro-tourism products which have been indentified includes homestay, pineapple museum, pineapple IKS, jungle tracking, mountain bike and etc.
Organisation Chart


1.1 Ladang Komersil

– Pengurusan Ladang

– Pembiakan benih (saka dan penyukuan)

– Infrastruktur ladang (perparitan)

– Pembangunan tanaman

1.2 Khazanah nanas

– Janaplasma (nanas komersil dan ornamental)

– Bromeliad

– Kelulut

1.3 Projek Kluster Pengeluaran Nanas Lestari (KNAL)


2.1 Pentadbiran

– Aset

– Kewangan

– Sumber Manusia

– Pentadbiran

2.2 Agropelancongan

2.3 Landskap

– Pejabat

– Kuarters

– Ladang

Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board
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