Pineapple Industry Legislation

Malaysia Pineapple Industrial Board was a Statutory Body which was established in 1957 which was formerly known as Lembaga Perusahaan Nanas Tanah Melayu (LPNTM). In line with pineapple industrial development, agency name was changed to Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia in 1992 subject to Pineapple Industrial Act 1957 (Revised 1990) under the Primary Industries Ministry. In year 2000, Malaysia Pineapple Industrial Board was transferred under Malaysia Agriculture Ministry by retaining its function to control and coordinate agriculture industry.

Implementation of activities related with pineapple industrial development is guided to Pineapple Industrial Ordinate, 1957 where some amendment on Act and regulations has been made a;

Pineapple Industrial Regulation (Fruit Control) 1957

This rule was enacted and accepted in Malaysia .This rule is responsible in pineapple smallholder registration. This rule is related with division of pineapple fruit to registered plants by smallholder base on fruit grade.

Pineapple Industrial Regulation (Export Market) 1959

This rule is was enacted and accepted in Malaysia. This rule has a role to register exporter in Malaysia. It is also a fixed rule for purchasing canned pineapple by registered manufacturers including price control in lowest level from market price.

Industrial Pineapple Rule (Factory Control), 1959

This rule was enacted to ensure quality of pineapple products which will be exported by providing quality control guideline starting from raw material level, processing, storage, packaging and final issue.

Industrial Rule Pineapple (Cess to export), 1959

This rule is enacted to fix implementation cess collection of canned pineapple exports from registered pineapple’s factory.

Pineapple Industrial Regulation (Replanting Financial Assistance) 1971 Amendment 1985

This rule is enacted to allow MPIB to provide financial assistance to farmer. This rule is also responsible to give aid grant for pineapple cultivation to entrepreneurs who want to cultivate pineapple plantation and financial assistance is RM 3,500 per hectare of new crops and RM 1,750 per hectare of replanting (this function is conducted by Ministry of Agriculture).

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