Management Services Division

Division Function
1.To plan, ensure and coordinate uniformity of the administration system in the state/office.
2.Collect and analyze administration data submitted by the State and ensuring adhering of policy, enforced administration rules and procedures, and also instruction form the Top-Level Management.
3.To ensure that the required feedback from external parties is prioritized based on the enforced rules and procedures.
4.To manage MPIB asset records and inventory.
5.To coordinate the Statement of Income Amendment (Kew.8), disciplinary subjects and also declaration of officer and personnel property in the branch office and also applications for service vacation.
6.To plan the human resource Strategic Planner Plan with the distribution of personnel, managing personnel matters, service, career development, pension, KPSL examination matters, property declaration matters, ceremonies and human resource welfare.
7.Conduct programmes based on competency and assessment of efficiency level (penilaian tahap kecekapan – PTK).
8.Coordinate training, course, seminar such as internal, and induction courses to improve the efficiency MPIB staff/officers.
9.Management of cess fund collection (Based on Rules of Pineapple Industry, cess for export 1959).
10.Implementation for provision of pineapple cultivation incentive assistance.
11.To draft, prepare, coordinate and manage MPIB annual Budget and additional budget.
12.Monitoring and controlling of expenditure for managing and developing.
13.Prescribe and establish an accounting, payment and collection policy system in the State/Office.
14.Plan and coordinate the uniformity of accounting system and practice in the State/Office.
15.Management and maintenance of property and inventory disposal store input for the purpose of MPIB accounting and Revenue Management, Earnings, Salary, Allowances, Loan and others.
Organisation Chart
Administration Branch
 1. Management of Government Assets
 2. Management of General Administration
 3. Management of Earnings
Asset Management Unit
1.Agreement of building/office space rent
2.Management of Department quarters
3.Management of property capital and inventory
4.Management of office store/supply
5.Management of Asset Disposal
6.Management of Loss and Abolishment
General Management Unit
1.Correspondence affairs related matters
2.Maintenance of files and documents
3.Secretariat for the Consolidated Administration meeting between, MBJ, Committee of Integrity, JTU and MPIB Committee Meeting
4.Processing housing loans
5.Issue of Department security passes
6.Authorization to drive
7.Handle cases related to Accidents/Loss and loss of department assets due to fire
8.Application for air conditioner/telephone and fax
9.Managing the usage of Department vehicles
10.Secretariat for the JKP/Board Assembly Meeting
11.Matters related to Ownership Of Government Land
Revenue Unit
1.Responsible in managing quotations/tenders, etc from Division/Units in MPIB
Human Resource Development Branch
3.Job Promotion & Disciplinary
4.PSM Panel Secretariat
5.HRMIS Application
6.Filling up of Position
7.Intake for Skilled/Semi-Skilled/Non-Skilled Position
8.Registration of Confidential Files
10.KPSL and PTK examinations
Asset Management Unit
1.Verification of Appointment related matters
2.Matters related to Verification of Position & Provision of Pension/KWSP Status
3.Matters related to extension of probation period
4.Matters related to flow of salary
5.Matters related to Compulsory/Optional Retirement
6.Matters related to transfer of job posting
7.Matters related to transfer of service
8.Matters related to allowance application/payment
9.Matters related to Warm Clothing Allowance application
10.Matters related to application of attire for attendance of Official Ceremony
11.Fare application for visitation of region of origins
12.Application for medical expenses
13.Matters related application of leave
14.Matters related to application for intake of part-time employee
1.HRMIS Application
Confidential Unit
1.Matters related to Preparation of Proposal Papers for Promotion of P&P Group, Promotion for Support Group I & II
2.Matters related to Declaration of Property, Matters of Temporary, Loan Transfer
3.Matters related to Security Evaluation of P&P and Support Group I & II
4.Matters related to the Acceptance/Awarding of ‘Bintang Kebesaran’
5.Secretariat for Department Disciplinary
6.Distribution of Confidential Circulars
7.Secretariat for LNPT/Salary Flow Panel
8.Panel Secretariat for the Excellence Service Award
9.Matters related to Integrity Evaluation (BPR)
10.Registration of Confidential Files
Training And Competency Unit
1.Secretariat for Department, PTK and KPSL Examination
2.Secretariat for Meeting Panel of Examination and PTK Department
3.Matters related to the processing of application for examination
4.Matters related to the processing of examination results
5.Matters related to payment of drafting examination papers questions and answers
6.Interview Secretariat for PTK Support Group (Grade 1-16)
7.Managing work process for the task of establishing an examination
Finance Unit
Prepare budget estimation for managing and development of MPIB and also issuing expenditure managing warrant for MPIB
Prepare a statement of monthly expenditure vote for each PTJ to be checked by the Ministry Accounting Branch
3.Development and Managing
Managing matters related to expenses and payment building allocation under prescribed projects
4.Trust Earnings
Receive collection of Board earnings, maintaining Trust Account and also matters related to advance retail money
Managing matters related to vehicle and computer loans of MPIB staffs and also matters related to personal advance business
Managing matters related to claims of journey/transfer of MPIB staffs
Managing matters related to payment of MPIB staff salary and allowances
8.Secretariat for JPKA Meeting
Referring to the Treasury Circular No. 10/08 Financial Unit in-charge to become the secretariat for the Finance & Account Management Committee meeting
Information Management Unit


To increase the usage of information technology in the management at MPIB level by providing services such as data-processing, computerisation of work process, encourage and support the utilisation of computer technology, computer software training and providing consultation services on computers.

Maintenance of computer system application, hardware, software, damages, ICT requirements as well as environment required by MPIB personnel.

Provide information and communication technology services in an efficient, effective, and quality manner, in line with the vision of MPIB

To become a unit that is progressive, dynamic, and committed in the efforts of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery system as well as information and communication technology usage in performing the daily tasks at MPIB

Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart - Information Management Unit

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