Licensing & Inspectorate Division


The Licensing & Inspectorate Division was established under Section 20 of the Pineapple Industry Act 1957 (Revised 1990). Under this Act, four (4) subsidiary regulations were created to facilitate the duties of the Inspectorate:

  1. Pineapple Industry (Cannery Control) Regulations 1959 [Amendment 1989]
  2. Pineapple Industry (Fruit Control) Regulations 1979
  3. Pineapple Industry (Grade, Label, Mark) Regulations 1959
  4. Pineapple Industry (Export Ses) Regulations 1959

The Licensing & Inspectorate Division has also been duly authorized by the Director-General of Royal Customs Malaysia for the purpose of validating exports of canned pineapple, juice, fruit, pineapple suckers and ornamental products through the Customs Acts, Customs (Prohibition of Export) Order 2017.


Establish a regulated pineapple industry in line with the needs of the global pineapple industry.


We are committed to the service that is responsible for strengthening the country’s pineapple industry.


Compliance is our requirement

Quality Policy

In improving the quality of Licensing & Inspectorate Services of the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board, we, members of the Licensing & Inspectorate Division are committed to providing the best service to the specifications and time to meet customer requirements.

Corporate Objective

Develop services that meet legal requirements, specifications and timelines.

General Objective

Provide customer-friendly service with continuous improvement in the quality of service to meet complaints level not exceeding 90%.

Operational Objectives
  • Regulations.
  • Ensure supervision activities, distribution of smallholder pineapple supply and services are implemented effectively.
  • Ensures that the services provided, provided to industry-related parties meet the needs, uses and specifications as well as timelines.
  • Improve continuous service quality to reach complaints level of less than 90%.
Function of Licensing & Inspectorate Division
  1. Implementing Law Enforcement and Regulations to regulate all activities related to the pineapple industry including aspects of pineapple coordination, delivery, processing & quality control of products of the industry.
  2. Provide technical advice & consultations to the public & private sector on matters related to processing improvement in production quality.
  3. Responsible for controlling & monitoring the quality of pineapple-based industry output.
  4. Monitor & collect data for statistical purposes.
  5. Perform preventive operations & enforcement of related acts and regulations.
  6. Review issues and problems with the Enforcement of Acts & Regulations of the Malaysian Pineapple Industry & when it is necessary to propose improvements to the Planning & Strategic Division.
  7. Increase public understanding on the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Acts & Regulations.
Organisational Chart

Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board
Wisma Nanas, No. 5, Jalan Padi Mahsuri
Bandar Baru UDA,
81200 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia

Hotline : 07-236 1211 / 07-236 1012
Fax No : 07-236 5694 / 07-236 5451

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