Integrity Unit (UI)


The Integrity Unit of MPIB was established on 1 April 2014 based on the Public Service Circular No. 6 Year 2013. The model set by MACC is based upon the risk level within an organisation which is Model C (Low Risk Organisation).
Comprises a total of 3 officers. Lead by an Economic Affairs Officer Grade E44 and assisted by 2 Administrative Assistants Grade N26 and N17 respectively.
The Integrity Unit was established with the aims of :

Ensuring servants of MPIB practice excellent and disciplined work culture as well as practicing of good values.
Increasing confidence of the people through governance and work culture that is of quality.
Implementing an effective and excellent delivery system

Organisation Chart

The Integrity Unit of MPIB roles are :

  • To implement the functions of the Disciplinary Board Secretariat
  • To carry out Integrity Strengthening activities
    • Integrity Talk
    • Integrity Corner
    • Disciplinary Course
    • Weekly Tazkirah
  • Publication of integrity-related articles
  • As the Governance Integrity Committee Secretariat (JKTU)
  • To track and verify complaints of misconduct and breach of discipline and ethics of the organisation as well as ensure that appropriate follow-up actions are taken.
  • To ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

Majlis Konvokesyen Program Pegawai Integriti Bertauliah (CElO) Kali Ke – 4
9 April, 2015
Dewan Tun Ismail, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur

CelO ialah seorang yang memiliki kelayakan yang ditauliahkan oleh Lembaga Pengiktirafan Pegawai Integriti Bertauliah (LPPIB). CelO menerima program latihan yang dikendalikan oleh Pusat Pembangunan Integriti Korporat (CIDC), MACA dan diiktiraf oleh kerajaan malaysia. CelO ialah seorang yang bertanggungjawab ke atas pengurusan integriti di suatu organisasi. CelO merancang, melaksana dan memantau keberkesanan insiatif-insiatif integriti organisasinya.

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