Functions of Divisions


Management Service Division

Responsible for the overall management and administration of the organization, including general management, human resource management, assets & stores, procurement and finance & accounts.

Strategic Planning Division

These include policy coordination, development budget management, preparation of short and long term plans, coordination and application of annual development allocation, monitoring of implementation of MPIB projects as well as socio-economic research and development activities.

Crop Expansion and Development Division

Design, coordinate, implement and monitor pineapple cultivation programs as MPIB core business and technical development and advisory services as well as transfer of pineapple technology to pineapple cultivators and entrepreneurs.

Marketing and Agro-Based Industry Division

Planning, drafting and implementing programs and activities of marketing of pineapple and pineapple-based products, which include exhibitions and promotions abroad, and the development of entrepreneurship and agro-based (IAT) industry.

Product Development and Biotechnology Division

Responsible for research related to the development and improvement of new products and discoveries of the pineapple-based downstream industry, and those related to the development of biotechnological methods.

Pineapple Technology Development Division

Planning and implementing pineapple seed breeding activities and development of pineapple cultivation technology through research in collaboration with research agencies and pineapple varieties as well as developing the Agrotourism Centre.

Management Service Division

Responsible for overall management and administration of the organization, including general management, human resource management, assets & stores, procurement and finance & accounts.

Licensing and Inspectorate Division

Implement the regulations and enforcement of Acts to regulate all activities related to the pineapple industry including aspects of pineapple coordination, delivery, processing & quality control of the industry.

Engineering Division

Responsible for implementing engineering support services in relation to infrastructure development on site and maintenance of MPIB physical facilities especially in the MPIB headquarters building and branch offices.

Internal Audit Unit

Planning and implementing auditing programs to assist management of MPIB in improving financial management levels as well as adhering to established circulars, rules and procedures; ensuring that development programs and activities are managed efficiently, effectively, appropriately and economically and in compliance with established organizational systems and procedures.

Integrity Unit

Responsible for planning and implementing integrity-related internal control efforts and maintaining a high standard of work culture with strong moral and ethical characteristics as well as curbing crime and organizational misconduct and ethics among MPIB members.

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