How to apply for assistance programs at MPIB?

For all applications for assistance programs under MPIB, the applicant can apply through the following 2 application methods:

  1. Download the assistance application form according to the type of program and assistance on the official website, or;
  2. Come to collect the assistance application form at any of the MPIB offices nationwide. Consultation sessions for the assistance application process and related programs will be provided directly to the applicant.
What are the Incentives or Assistance provided in MPIB?

MPIB has provided various types of assistance and incentives to suit the clusters of pineapple plantation projects. The assistance or incentives provided to entrepreneurs are as follows: -

  1. Crop Advisory and Technical Service Assistance
  2. Crop Material Assistance (Pineapple Seedlings / Suckers)
  3. Agricultural Input Assistance (Fertilizers / Pesticides / Hormones)
  4. Farm Basic Infrastructure Assistance
  5. Farm Mechanization and Automation Assistance
  6. Agriculture-Based Industry Development Assistance
  7. Marketing Basic Infrastructure Assistance
How is the process of registering as an exporter / carrier / seller at MPIB?

For each individual / company / cooperative who wants to export fresh, canned or juiced pineapples can apply and register as an online exporter via e-BLESS system ( Applicants must provide a deposit of RM 2,000 for the first time registration made either by cash / postal / cheque on behalf of the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board. This proof of payment must be attached at the time of registration in BLESS.

For registration of carriers / sellers consisting of individuals / companies / cooperatives selling / transporting pineapple fruits the license application will be charged a fee of RM 20.00 per registration. This proof of payment must be attached at the time of registration in BLESS.

How can farmers find seed sources for pineapple plantations? What method is used by MPIB to ensure that the source of the seed is pure and certified?

Each participant under the MPIB Pineapple Plantation Assistance Program will be provided through MPIB-registered seed suppliers via MPIB seed supplier registration. Individuals / companies / cooperatives that are not under MPIB can also obtain seed sources from registered seed suppliers under MPIB.

Each registered seed supplier shall be certified as the authenticity of the seed or crop material through the SPBT Certificate (Crop Material Verification Scheme) which is approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Only seed sources and suppliers who received SPBT certification will be recognized as genuine seed sources.

What is MPIB's stand on the issue of using tissue culture as a source of crop material / seed source for MD2 plantations?

A resolution regarding the use of tissue culture as a source of seed for MD2 pineapple varieties was issued by the Ministry through the Policy Committee Meeting No. 2.2018 where the following resolutions were adopted:

Instructions to disallow seeds and suckers from tissue culture sources are only used in Government procurement. This is applicable until tissue culture technology has been proven to be stable. Until then, only sucker seedlings are allowed for projects under the Government Budget.

What is the direction of MPIB in the National Agro-Food Policy (DAN 2011-2020)?

The Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board has drafted the national pineapple industry development strategy until 2020. Through the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), the ministry has focused on developing the national pineapple industry by developing the premium variety MD2 pineapple plantation areas. Focusing on high-value premium varieties and growing demand in the world market enables the country's pineapple industry to remain competitive globally. In line with the goals set out in the National Agricultural Policy (DAN), strengthening the planning of premium pineapple plantation development requires more than 7,700 ha of new areas for MD2 premium pineapple development until the year 2020.

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