Crop Expansion and Development Division


Since 1971 the Crop Expansion and Development Division had been established in order to carry out one of the functions of MPIB through the pineapple plantation project either by providing grant aids or pineapple plantation incentives. The implementation of the programme is in accordance with the Pineapple Industry Act 1957 under the Pineapple Industry Regulations (Financial Assistance for Farmers) 1991 [Amended 2011]. Efforts to expand the pineapple plantation areas within a new potential locations especially mineral soil is one of the strategies to increase pineapple production which previously was more concentrated in peat soil areas within the IADP areas of West Johor. However the efforts towards strengthening and maintaining existing areas remained especially within Johor State through the provision of the Replanting Programme incentives or Rancangan Tanam Semula (RTS) to entrepreneurs engaged in the pineapple plantation activities for the second round and onwards once they had received the New Plantation Plan or Rancangan Tanam Baru (RTB). The programme commenced as follows:-

  1. Gazetting the opening of the application.
  2. Notification of the opening of the application and acceptance of the application form.
  3. Application process (approval will be given to applications that meet the criteria set such as clear land ownership status or received land owner’s permission)
  4. The supply process for agricultural input materials including crop materials if entitled and in accordance with the supply procedures set by MPIB.
  5. Report of productivity and output yield.

In addition the Division is also responsible towards the expansion programme and technical services which is one of the programmes implemented since 1971. The prime focus of this programme is to implement the transfer of technology to target groups, implement human development programmes and conduct consultation services to the industry. The programme is held to assist and educate small pineapple farmers and entrepreneurs in enhancing their knowledge on technology and pineapple crop management starting from the site preparation techniques, proper planting methods, selection of quality seeds, weed and disease control right until the post-harvest technology based on the Good Agriculture Practice or Amalan Baik Pertanian (ABP).

The technology transfer is implemented to target groups aimed at increasing productivity especially to new entrepreneurs or private entrepreneurs to participate in the New Plantation Plan. Indirectly, it will improve efficiency in pineapple plantation management carried out among pineapple entrepreneurs through the use of proper technologies and effective agricultural input. In addition, this will also increase the production of quality pineapples and improve socio-economic status of pineapple entrepreneurs in the country.


Empowering the Malaysian Pineapple Plantation Industry which is Sustainable and Competitive at Both Local and International Levels.

  • To Increase the Production of National Pineapples.
  • To Increase the Income of Pineapple Planters.
  • To Produce Quality and Safe to Consume Pineapples.
  • To Increase Awareness of Pineapple Planters on Good Agricultural Practices (APB) in Implementing Pineapple Plantations.
  • To Channel the Latest Pineapple Plantation Technologies Continuously to the National Pineapple Planters.
  • To Produce Pineapple Entrepreneurs that are Viable and Competitive at Both Local and International Levels.

“Being The Best Is Our Comitment””

Quality Policy

In efforts to improve the services quality of the Crop Expansion and Development Division, the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board, we as members of the Crop Expansion and Development Division are committed to channel crop incentives, knowledge and guidance efficiently and continuously to pineapple entrepreneurs in achieving the set visions and missions.


Pineapple plantation projects that have been planned, supervised and implemented in new areas throughout the country to achieve the following objectives :-

  1. To increase pineapple productions that is marketable either locally or in international market with a rate of 6% per annum (DAN).
  2. To develop idle lands with pineapple crops in group stages while providing new job opportunities to rural communities through the pineapple plantation programme.
  3. To support the pineapple industry growth in terms of fulfilling the required pineapple supply to factories for canning purposes, SMIs and fresh pineapple exporters.
  4. To channel crop incentives, knowledge and guidance of pineapple crop management technology (TOT) efficiently and continuously to pineapple planters.
  5. To generate the income of pineapple crop entrepreneurs to a level beyond the national poverty rate and furthermore commercially through a mini estate approach.
  6. To increase awareness of pineapple planters in practicing Good Agricultural Practice (APB) and subsequently gaining the MYGAP recognition.
Organisational Chart
Functions of the Crop Expension & Development Division

Functions of the division are entrusted to the 3 units below namely :-

Expansion Unit

  1. To provide technical advice services and pineapple industry expertise by implementing organised and effective technology transfer programme to pineapple planters and entrepreneurs.
  2. To conduct seminars, Transfer of Technology (TOT) and human development courses to pineapple planters and entrepreneurs in achieving the standards set by MPIB including the Good Agricultural Practice (APB).
  3. To provide advice and guidance to pineapple planters at farm-level (in-situ) through the Area Supervisor and Expansion Officer.
  4. To assess the levels of knowledge and transfer of technology acceptance to pineapple planters including area supervisors.

Crop Development Unit

  1. To plan and prepare the targeted pineapple plantation area based on the annual allocation received each year.
  2. To formulate policy and coordinate the pineapple plantation incentive either in the form of subsidies or grants to the small farmer sector as a whole or in part.
  3. To coordinate and monitor the MPIB pineapple plantation project either in the form of physical or financial performance implemented by the Regional and State MPIB Offices based on the following provisions:
    1. Pineapple Crop Assistance Project for Farms Below 15 Acres
    2. NBOS Project / Cluster
    3. Multiple Crop System Project
    4. Contractual Farm Project
  4. To coordinate and monitor the pineapple plantation registration activities under the Pineapple Industry Act 1957, Pineapple Industry Regulations (Fruit Control) 1979 (Regulation 10 (1)) implemented by Regional and State MPIB Offices.
  5. To coordinate the Pineapple Industry Information System Administration (SMIN).

Support Services & Statistics Unit

  1. To prepare the estimated agricultural input requirement including pineapple seeds and implement procurement activities each year, including the preparations of specifications, contract documents and other related issues.
  2. To coordinate and monitor the distribution activities of agricultural input such as fertilizers, flowering inducer hormones, pesticides and other inputs according to current needs.
  3. To coordinate and monitor registration activities of pineapple seed suppliers implemented by Regional and State MPIB Offices.
  4. To collect and update statistical data related to the size of pineapple plantation areas and pineapple planters registered with MPIB.

Policies, Acts, Regulations & Circulars

  1. Pineapple Industry Act 1957 (Revised 1990) [Act 427]
  2. Pineapple Industry Act 1957, Pineapple Industry Regulations (Fruit Control) 1979 [regulation 10 (1)]
  3. Pineapple Industry Act 1957, Pineapple Industry Regulations (Financial Assistance for Farmers) 1994 [Amended 2011]
  4. Treasury Circular No. 7 Year 2008: Guidelines for Prudent Expenditure. Note: PP No. 5/1999 is repealed.

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