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Canned Pineapple Processing

Process Information
Pineapple fruit Receiving Pineapple fruit received from plant and farm Fruit deliberate and send to unloading bay for grading.
Cleaning Fruit will be inserted into special wash tank filled with clean water. Pineapple fruit then sending out using conveyor which equipped with spray system-with water for irrigation purpose.
Inspection & Grading Pineapple fruit checked and grade to 3 primary grade according to size
Peeling & Removing Pith Fruit that had graded are peeled and removed pith using "Kwong Nam"’s machine. Pineapple has been peeled then inspected to remove residually balance peel using knife. Then fruit will be channel to "Slicing Machine" and "Resizing Machine" for various cutting shapes.
Pineapple Filling And Syrup Process Fruit slice will be put in inside the can and then will be brought to syrup machine. Syrup solutions with fix concentrated prepared separately and filled into the can using "syruping machine".
Exhausting After syrup process, can filled with pineapple piece admitted into "exhausting box" to remove captured air in temperature of 70'c- 80'c for 7-10 minutes depends on can size used. This is to create a vacuum state.
Sealing After through "exhausting box" cans need to go through "seaming machine" and closed "harmetically seal" (air tight).
Sterilize Covered cans are then sterilized in "Sterilization Machine" in temperature of 105'c for 30 minutes.
Cooling & Drying Cans that had sterilized will get through refrigeration machine in temperature 40- 44°e and then is dried using "blower".
Storage Those products that already arranged above the pallet would be kept for two (2) weeks to ensure products stability and free from contamination from microorganism during processing and operation.

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