Technology Development


Technology Development

1.A project through the Plot Observation Method in PPTTN Farm Plot and also Small Sector.
2.Covers the rate and type of Agriculture Input Usage, Potential of a Certain Seed, Level of Endurance, Crop Density and also New Method of Seed Breeding in various types of soil.
3.Overall, observation is conducted revolving on various technical aspects which have the purpose of acquiring new information and input for the Improvement of Technology or also overcoming current issues.
4.The result of a consistent observation will provide a great benefit to the Small Farmer And Industry in the recommended form of technology which can be practically applied.

Seed Reproduction


Seed Reproduction

 1.A project implemented for the purpose of increasing the quantity of a certain potential seed in addition to maintaining its level of quality. In the end, this pineapple seed which has been bred will be supplied to small farmers for planting.
Machinery Services

Machinery Services

1.The implemented project owes the purpose of providing basic machinery facility of farming for BPTN nationwide, including machinery requirements in planting sectors which involves small farmers and pineapple plantation entrepreneur.
Plantation Maintenance / Development

Plantation Maintenance / Development

1.One of the important strategy and component which is effective in educating and transforming new technology in pineapple cultivation is through the commercial planting model. The commercial planting model is being developed in the pineapple farming technology centre nationwide and has a clear motive to produce a state-of-the-art commercial planting model which can later be transferred to local pineapple planting entrepreneurs. This approach is also capable of acquiring production data of pineapple fruits manufactured commercially and comparison of products based on seed. It can be established as a surveyor or standard for comparing crop production produced by pineapple farmers.
2.Small farmers will be able to witness this model and undergo hands-on training in addition to delivery of theory as a form of knowledge. Based on this matter, in order to ensure that this commercial pineapple model is maintained and superior, parallel with the crop management technology which was introduced, hence crop maintenance must be conducted efficiently, orderly and systematically. Thus, this crop maintenance development project is implemented to demonstrate the superiority of the model which can be followed.

Infrastructure of PPTTN

1.The development of BPTN nationwide must achieve the standard as pineapple excellence centre which is equipped with all industry equipment and facilities, and simultaneously becomes an industry model in a particular planting zone. Thus, infrastructure development in all BPTN is one of the projects which have established itself as an important agenda.
2.Based on this subject, as a preparation towards the realization of BPTN of Alor Bukit as pineapple excellence centre of Malaysia, hence a few infrastructure upgrading works should be implemented, as such:
a.Pineapple Square (Dataran Nanas)
b.Upgrading of Gallery
c.Fences Around the Office
d.Upgrading of Office Building
e.Upgrading of ‘Surau'
f.Office Sub-Station

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