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MyGAP (Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices)

A certification scheme drafted by the Department of Agriculture in recognition of farms that adopt Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and are environmentally-friendly, caring for worker’s welfare and safety as well as producing products that are of good quality, safe and suitable for consumption. This scheme is based on the Malaysian Standard MS 1784:2005 Crop Commodities – Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Terms of Certification

Farms that have complied with the following terms are eligible for certification :

  1. Traceability – Has a product tracking system.
  2. Record Keeping and Internal Audit – Have complete and up-to-date farm records and perform Internal Audit.
  3. Plant Materials – Plant materials from a recommended and disease-free variety and does not use GMO type plant materials.
  4. History and Site Management Record – Has a history and site management record.
  5. Soil and Substrate Management – Practicing cultivation techniques in farms that reduce soil erosion and use organic substrate for cultivation without soil.
  6. Fertilizer Management – The use of fertilizers based on crop requirements and fertilizers from elements of human and swine waste are not allowed. Has a suitable fertilizer storage area.
  7. Irrigation and Fertigation – Does not use untreated sewage water for irrigation purpose and the irrigation must be from sustainable and suitable water sources.
  8. Crop Protection – The use of pesticides registered under the Pesticides Act 1974, to control pests and adopt the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.
  9. Harvesting – The appropriate harvesting system and maintain the cleanliness of crop yields.
  10. Post-Harvest Treatment – The appropriate treatment used when necessary.
  11. Yield Analysis – Perform analysis of pesticide residues on crop yields.
  12. Farm Waste Management – Engage in recycling programmes or reuse by making compost.
  13. Occupational Safety and Health – Maintain the welfare, safety and health of workers.
  14. Environmental Issues – Compliance with environmental legislation.
  15. Complaints Record – Recording of complaints on products that do not comply with standard requirements.
  16. Legal Requirements – Farming activities comply with all applicable laws in Malaysia.

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