Agrotourism is a tourism activity related to agriculture, livestock, fisheries and agro-based industries. The focus of agrotourism in the Pineapple Technology Development Division is known as the Pineapple Agrotechnology Park; visits related to agricultural activities especially pineapple crops on peat land. Among the activities provided to attract more visitors are: -

  1. Visits to pineapple farms
  2. Introducing plasma-generating compartments as plots for the collection of varieties of pineapples available throughout the world
  3. Hands-on pineapple plants
  4. Hands-on pineapple suckers propagation through quartering techniques
  5. Test the taste of pineapples
  6. Demonstration of the production of pineapple paper and thread from pineapple leaves
  7. Visit to the pineapple gallery and pineapple-based product kiosks

The objectives of the Agrotourism Program are: -

  1. Attract the interests of visitors in the pineapple industry
  2. Introducing the varieties of fresh and ornamental pineapples available throughout the world
  3. Promoting pineapple-based food and non-food products
  4. Deliver information related to the pineapple industry to visitors
  5. Introducing Pineapple Agrotechnology Park to the public
  6. Provide interesting activities to visitors

The activities carried out can provide real exposure and experience to visitors to experience themselves in the field of agriculture, especially pineapple crops.

Implementation Concept

Creating efficient Agro-Tourism management
MPIB will strengthen the Agro-Tourism organizational structure so that the management of Pineapple Agro-Technology can be implemented efficiently and focus on self-financing so that the Pineapple Agro-Technology Center can be well maintained and always relevant in line with current technological developments;

Creating a Strategic Partnership
This is one of MPIB's efforts to maximize (unlocked) the strategic value of MPIB's assets in generating revenue through smart partnerships with the private sector, while encouraging creative and innovative ideas from the companies involved to develop and manage Agro-Tourism Projects in tandem with the wishes and vision of the Government.


Laman Janaplasma
1. Pemuliharan 65 varieti nanas Malaysia
2. Taman Bromeliad
3. Taman Kelulut
4. Ikan Hiasan
5. Kiosk Jualan Produk Industri Asas Tani (IAT)

Laman Pengeluaran Produk Nanas
1. Plot Tanaman Nanas
2. Plot Integrasi Tanaman
3. Plot Integrasi Ternakan

Laman Pengeluaran Nanas Komersil
1. Program kluster Pengeluaran Nanas Lestari
2. Program Pengeluaran Benih
3. Program Pengeluaran Buah

Laman “Experience in Pineapple Supply Chain”
1. Pusat Pengumpulan & Pembungkusan Nanas untuk Pasaran Eksport
2. Petak Pengendalian Lepas Tuai

Laman Rekreasi & Tapak Perkemahan
1. Tapak Perkhemahan
2. Rumah Tamu

Laman “Zero Waste”
1. Pusat Pemprosesan Sisa
2. Plot Pemprosesan Kertas Nanas

Laman “Pemprosesan Produk Industri Asas Tani (IAT)"
1. Kilang Pemprosesan Produk Chips Nanas
2. Kiosk Pemprosesan Jem & Tart

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