Agriculture Entrepreneur Development Section

This section is responsible to develop an entrepreneur in the food processing field which stresses on product quality improvement to be competitive in the global market. Priority is also given to processing activities or added values and developing competitive National Basic Agriculture Industry entrepreneurs through National Basic Agriculture Industry Entrepreneur Programme which is united towards the increment of entrepreneur income.

  1. Provide training to entrepreneurs and also future entrepreneurs on the pineapple-based products processing techniques.
  2. Provide exposure to future entrepreneurs on a positive product processing environment.
  3. To produce medium-scale entrepreneurs (PKS) who have the capabilities to capitalize on the international market through high quality products and meet up with international standards.
  4. Produce informative, independent and competitive entrepreneurs up to the international level.
  5. Develop a high quality product in aspects of product quality and image.
  6. Improve the quality and image of fresh Malaysian pineapple so that it is able to stay competitive and well accepted in the global market.

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